20180705th1942-greg-johnson-south-lake-tahoe-310x311-IMG_0446Over the past 30 years, I’ve been providing support services to people near and far through phone support, video consultations, and remote tech support. My work is mostly with computers, mobile technology devices, web services, training, business promotion, marketing, and media services including video, photography, and audio production. Much of the work I do is without charge. When I do charge a fee for larger projects, I work on a sliding scale. For this reason, I don’t promote or advertise my services. If you’ve found this site, it’s likely through word of mouth.

I’ve selected the Lake Tahoe area to offer services to because it’s a great place to visit, but also because the area communities have a lot to offer. While Tahoe is a great vacation destination, the area also offers much for those who have an interest in best practices of land use, education, park management, transportation alternatives, sustainability, hospitality, and community governance. I’m interested in supporting and promoting the area innovations and research that are inspiring other communities around the world.

I maintain a net positive economic impact. In other words, 100% of proceeds from any consulting work done in Tahoe goes back into the Lake Tahoe area. Beyond that, additional donations go toward local charities and initiatives that help enhance the local community and environment, such as Keep Tahoe Blue.

The Lake Tahoe area is impactful and transformative for those who visit or live there. The innovative responses to environmental, transportation, and development challenges are helping inform and inspire communities around the world. I want to give back to the land, lake, and community that has done so much for me.

This site focuses mostly on support services. You might also like my other Tahoe website, BestLakeTahoe.com where I offer some articles and resources for Lake Tahoe residents and visitors.

Feel free to contact me if you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions for improvement.



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