Here are some resources for residents and visitors to the Lake Tahoe area.


Here are some of the best articles for hikes in the Lake Tahoe area.


Here is some information about lodging in the Lake Tahoe area including Airbnb options, hotels, lodges, motels, and resorts.

Lodging Suggestions

  • Cost. During peak season (summer and winter), the cost of lodging close to the lake will go up. So, a logical choice would be to stay somewhere in Carson City to save on lodging costs. The drive between Carson City and South Lake Tahoe can take about 45 minutes to an hour. It’s a nice drive, but may become repetitive and time consuming for someone staying a week or more in the area.
  • Proximity. Staying near the lake has advantages. For example, limited parking and excess traffic are less of an issue if you park at a local hotel and get around on foot, bike, taxi, or public transit. There’s plenty of lodging within walking distance from the Heavenly Resort gondola lift where you’ll also find restaurants. various shops, and beach access. In addition to the convenience of staying close, you’ll reduce your impact on the area environment.


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